Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hello! So its the first week in 2011 and it feels just lovely. I just ordered a sewing machine off of Amazon...hope its as great as it seems!! I want to do some new activities this year as always I love crafts and I always say Im going to make it a business hehe well see what happens this year!! I also am looking up some Fondant stuff I have a good recipie (well I think its good havent made it haha) but I do need a few more tools and God Willing I will make my first fondant cake for Serenitys 2nd Bday :) Those are my crafty things I have gotten started on this year.

I also made some Baby Land Support cards.....Baby Land is where my angel babys special spot is. We lost our first baby Oct 20th 2007. I will get into all of that later but trust me you will hear tons about my Rain her and her siblings are my world. So I designed the cards already but now I need to finish printing them (out of ink) and then get them laminated and then I will place them at all of the baby spots in baby land so if people need to talk they know they can call me and also they can give me their info and I can tell them when we do our baby events at the cemetery so they can spend extra time with their babies. I thought of the idea when I couldnt go back to sleep after I fed my Tru at 330 in the morning hehe but hey I think it will be a good idea.

I got a Shark Steam Cleaner the Pocket one and wow do I love it I used it for the first time yesterday and it is actually great!  I highly reccomend it. I got it for the main reason of cleaning the babies toy and other things without any chemicals its cheaper and much safer!!! Yeaaa!!! Go Shark!!!

Anyways thats my update for the new year and Im off to a good start hopefully I will actually learn how to Blog this year and Blog more and get this to actually get read!!! :)

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