Monday, January 26, 2015

My favorite Detox Water

I've had quite a few detox waters...but this is now the only one I will drink. It tastes good and I can feel a difference after I drink this. I have drank this as often as once a week. I always do it if I have slacked on eating good for a while, after a vacation, before a big day, or just because. You can eat the day you do this so don't think you just have to drink this I just try to eat light. It's super easy with ingredients you can get anywhere.

A half of cucumber
2 lemons
12 Mint leaves
A gallon pitcher 

 First wash your lemons, cucumbers and mint leaves good! Slice half the cucumber and both lemons . Put those and the mint leaves in pitcher.
 Next, fill pitcher with gallon of water.
Lastly, leave your detox water out overnight.

Drink the whole gallon the next day!!! 

I think you will love this water as much as me. You can see and feel a difference!

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