Friday, January 27, 2012


Ok so this was actually just a test little post to see if they would post my pics and they did YEAA!!! Sooo...anyways Im in a little group its called FreeBirthdayCakesSanAntonio....we make birthday cakes for kids who wouldnt get one but also groups sign up when they need help with desserts and so I had to make 4 dozen FARM ANIMAL cupcakes hmmm....lets see I dont decorate and theres like nothing out there like cute sprinkles to decorate so I had to do some searching of the net and Betty Crocker was the best and one of the only sites I found that actually had farm animal cupcakes so I did my best haha :) They are chicks,pigs,and sheep. Then I wanted to do something well that i thought was fun and cute too bad no one gets it but me and thats ok with me :) I made cows....well yeah anyways its cow colors and guess what?!?! I actually found cow sprinkles and put them on top now do you see where Im getting cows from :) I know I know if we could all use ur imagination as well as me it would all be good ;)
I also made cupcake wrappers well the things that go on top of the liner for all of those without my GREAT imagination so now they are farm themed for everyone :)

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