Friday, January 27, 2012

Princess Party Continued.....

So now that this is letting me post pictures we will continue with Miss Serenitys 3rd Birthday Party. I did the Tutu Wreath in all Pink her favorite I have a smart 3 yr old on my hands. We had a candy bar which was loads of fun but we had soo many leftover were going to have another candy bar for Rain right before Valentines see double bang for our buck. I made two things of cupcakes one was Strawberry I actually got a box mix but not at your average store haha so that makes it better right?!?! I made the sixlet cake that is on SprinkleBakes.Com awesome blog. That girl has some patience b/c once I got half way through I started making my lines mmmmm....not so even haha but thats ok because no one even noticed :) Heres the pics of this stuff theres so much so I will make another post later with the rest. Hope you guys I say people Hopefully one day people will read this and just know that at the time I wrote this I was already thinking about you. :) As of right now I have no readers haha but thats ok!! This is one of my Fav Blogs and this is where I got the Cake recipie from!!!

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