Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Potty Treat Jar

I was looking around on Saturday and found this super cute Idea on http://apumpkinandaprincess.blogspot.com/2011/06/potty-treats-jar.html
and I knew when I looked at it we had to make one for Serenity....she....well....is having potty complications .....she was pretty much potty trained before I had Tru yep this was 16 months ago after I had my baby boy with everything going on with him we didn't do potty time as much as we should have and we tryed again full force she told us straight up she wants to be a baby and she likes her diapers yep this is my Serenity.....she knows and goes most of the time but sometimes she still pees in her diaper so this might just help us go to Big Girl Panties all the time!!!

 First get what you need which isn't much, some scissors,elastic,stickers,ribbon and a hot glue gun which isn't pictures because I thought of it when I was trying to get the elastic to stay in a circle hehe so you just cut your elastic and glue the very ends together to make a circle that will go over the top of the jar.
We took this picture of the ribbons because Serenity decided after she just wanted to do a Dora Theme and these were the ribbons she wanted to use....then my little sweetness decided we should go find more and so we got the orange and the Yellow which you will see :) You cut all the ribbon into strips of however long you want them... I cut them as I went.

You take your ribbon and just tie it around the elastic and keep doing that all the way around!!

 Now you put your stickers to whatever you want to say...hopefully in just a few weeks we can take these stickers off and put just maybe her name or good girl treat jar just something beside potty treats hehe. Then last of all you fill with candy of choice or even little goodies that aren't candy anything that you sweetheart will like and will help make potty training a bit easier!!

Thanks again a pumkin and a princess for this great idea!!!

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