Friday, March 23, 2012

A Frangance Post :)

This post is kind of off topic ok so its all the way off topic. But I got this awesome fragrance set and I love it and I wanted to share it with you! I got the Scents of Purpose Gift Set by Harvey Prince. Awesome people!!! Check out the website!!
 Here's the good stuff the fragrances :) It comes with 6 of the deluxe 8.8ml roll ons.
Ageless,Eau Flirt,Eau Fling,Coupling,Eau De Lite, I see on their website that instead of Yogini they are putting Eau De Creme....but personally I'm glad I got the one with yogini since that's what made me order it in the first place....I was reading in a magazine and they were talking about yogini and well yes it sold me!!! It is $60.00 but I think it is very worth it!! Its very unique and when you read more into it you will see how fun these are!! 

This is the description on Yogini the reason I bought this in the first place:
The scent of liberation.

Get whisked away by Yogini, the fragrance that calms the mind, soothes the soul, and frees the spirit.

Relaxing, light, lasting. Yogini is the glow that stays with you. Experience the purifying powers of sandalwood, the age-defying glow of grapefruit, and the sensual warmth of Egyptian myrrh. Crafted with the highest quality natural essences and oils, Yogini is Nature's antidote to stress: it will make you feel as good as you smell.
This is the outside of the box cute right??? I know!! Go check it out!!!

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