Saturday, July 21, 2012

50 Shades of Grey Party!

50 Shades of Grey Party
Hey! I know its been a while since I posted again life has just been busy but I have been planning on posting so I have recipes and pictures they are just a little late hehe. I want to post the most recent thing which is our 50 Shades of Grey Party. We had it on Tuesday night it was very small but nice and lots of fun. I have only read the first one and I fell in love yes Love. I didn't think I would even get into these books because people were making them into something their not but I loved it and cant wait to read the 2nd one.

I have never had a book party or been part of a book club but this was one of those occasions you just must throw a party.
Here's the first fondant cake I have ever done as you can see hehe. It took me about 30 Min's to even get it to the point I could put over the cake but it looked cute so its ok. :) I just used bought fondant!! The letters were a little bit more difficult as I had to paint on this silver shimmer and so it kind of looks umm not so great but you get the point :) Right after I put the Pink on the cake I ran upstairs real quick and when I got down not even 5 minutes later my son poked his fingers all over one side of the cake and poked his finger through the top of it ( you can see by the E) . I love you baby boy:) The cake was one my favorite chocolate cake recipes and chocolate fudge butter cream icing!

 Here is a closer look at his finger prints!!

Here are just your simple "Slutty Brownies" They are called Slutty Brownies because they are trashy and very easy. Its just chocolate chip cookie mix on the bottom Oreos in the middle and Brownie mix on top.

Of course we had to have Vanilla Cupcakes :)
These are just cocktail meatballs one of my favorite recipes actually. We have them at a lot of our parties so yummy.

 Our Forbidden Fruit!

This is called Chocolate Foreplay even though I took a bad picture of the sign :(

 Here's out Skittle and M&M mix!
Sixlets I had these leftover from Basketball Playoffs for my boys the Spurs!! They came in handy for our party!

I will be posting the recipes soon for my goodies but I just wanted to get some new posts on here for now. We also had a cheese tray and cocktail weenies!!Awesome party I sooo can not wait to read the 2nd book and maybe have another party we will have to see.

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