Friday, January 25, 2013

Serenitys Pink Bundt Cake

January 14th is my Serenity's Birthday. She turned 4! We were staying at a hotel the night before her birthday so I wanted to bring something with us for her as a pre birthday treat. So here it is her pre birthday cake :) Her favorite color is Pink so I knew it had to have a lot of Pink. She also loves loves loves Chocolate so we had to have some chocolate! This was a spur of the moment thought for me late Saturday night so I had to use what was on hand and what wouldn't take a lot of time. I did use a box cake mix and did nothing to it oooo noooo....but really it tasted just fine. If you want of course you can use a home made cake recipe. I used French Vanilla Cake mix and mixed in about 10 big drops of Pink food coloring cooked as directed. I let it cool over night and first thing in the morning right before we had to leave I just threw on chocolate icing from a tub oooo noo again but again it was fine :) I poured pink sprinkles on right after i was done frosting the cake and it was all done!! Super easy yet Serenity thought mommy did soooo much work on it and she just loved it.

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