Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

I wanted to post this because of the Super Bowl coming up. I actually made this for my Boyfriends birthday party two years ago. We had a Dallas Cowboy/Birthday Party for him :) I saw soo many cute stadiums on the Internet but this is what I went with. He does love Twinkies :) He loved it and so did everyone there.

The Twinkies are making up the outside of the stadium. I got a foil pan and put salsa on one side,queso on the other,and guacamole in the middle (this is the biggest portion so it looks just like the field). I put sour cream in a Ziploc bag and cut the tip and separated the the guacamole from both sides and then made three lines in the center of those lines to make the field.I used little meat sausages and cubed cheese to make the players. I attached the cheese to the sausage with toothpicks. I used two slim jims for the field goals. I cut them and attached the pieces with toothpicks. Around the foil pan is bacon to separate the field from the bleachers :) Then on each side of the field is a different chip. It was a great hit. I had to set it up on the table I wanted to serve in on because it is soo big...you don't want to move it when it is done and cause it to fall apart.

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