Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charlotte's Web Movie Night

In the end of January we started doing family trips to the library right after Serenity's Dance class. In our first trip we decided to get one chapter book which would be also the first chapter book Serenity has ever read or I should say been read hehe. We got Charlotte's Web. After 4 months haha we finally got through it and after that of course we had to celebrate with a movie night. So on Thursday we did just that and had our family movie night with Charlotte's Web. It was fun and it was nice seeing Serenity remembering a lot of what was happening since we read it :)  

We started with a little craft I saw on I just printed the template of the pig they have on there on to pink paper and then we cut a sponge into two small pieces and the kids dipped their sponge in the brown paint and made their muddy pigs :) They had lots of fun with that! 
 This was Serenity's finished muddy pig :)
Yes that's Tru with shorts on his head kids haha
 Tru's finished muddy pig :) 
For the movie we started with spider eggs (deviled eggs) and then had Pig sandwiches (ham) and spider web soup (Ramen)
For Dessert Charlotte and Wilbur Cupcakes
Charlotte's cupcakes were Oreo
 Wilbur cupcakes were strawberry
About to take a bite.....
 Admiring his Charlotte Cupcake for some reason the kids both picked Charlotte ones for the night hmmm I wonder why?!?!?! maybe all the chocolate....

As always we did have our tickets and our paper posting everything we had but mommy was in a rush that night and oops forgot to take pictures of everything like I should have. :( It was a great movie and a great book and I'm glad we did it...we are now about to start Stuart Little we will see how that goes. 

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