Monday, June 3, 2013

Ballerina Breakfast ♥

Yesterday was Serenitys 2nd dance recital. She did soooo well. I'm so proud of my baby. Her class did "Party at Mickeys House" Soooo cute!!! I wanted to do something special for her since it was her BIG day and shes soo into party's right now. So I decorated like we did a party and made her and her brother a special little ballerina breakfast :) 
 I decorated her little table with a pink plastic table cloth and put little gem stones in clear and pinks all around it. Her seat she had a pink princess wand that to me looked very ballerinaish :) 
For the actual food part I made regular pancakes just made hers pink and then on both of theirs I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter put that on top of their pancakes and put powdered sugar in the cookie cutter so when you take it off its in the shape of Mickey Mouse :)  I put a little fruit bowl in the middle of the table. Strawberry Milk with a little powdered sugar donut on top. They also got some cherry yogurt. :) Serenity loved it soo much . Tru did too ;) 

This was their Chandelier hanging over their little table :) I just used some scrap book stickers for this and stuck them on and hung with Pink Ribbon from the ceiling!

This one was hung over the breakfast bar area. The shoes I just printed off the Internet and taped it on and of course put little rhinestones all around. 

 This last one was hung over our kitchen table...again I printed this template off the Internet and taped it on and put rhinestones on too.

She had three little presents. One she got to open after breakfast which was her recital shirt! The other two she waited till after her recital. 

This wreath I actually made for her 3rd birthday and just had it sitting in the garage so I thought this would be perfect for a decoration and I just added her ballet shoes from her 1st recital last year. 

 I made this Bouquet to bring to give her after her recital but forgot it at home....I felt sooo bad but it was just an extra gift she got when we got home. Of course her favorite part was the bubble gum lollipops in it :)
After we got home I wanted her to have one other little surprise so we had cupcakes. I made the tutu cake stand well I should say cake board ;) With a hole puncher I punched holes all around the cake board then tied the tulle into each hole then hot glued another cake board on top so you can't see all the holes. Super easy and super cute! and just put in on top of a glass cake stand :) 
I made the white cupcakes out of my FAVORITE recipe and butter cream frosting which I tinted pink and sprinkled with baby pink sugar. 
Here's little love bug after her recital with her bouquet and cupcake :) 

It was an awesome day and I'm soo glad my Serenity loved it!!

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