Saturday, August 3, 2013

Homemade Peanut Butter!!

I have been on a clean eating adventure for the past two weeks. I was craving something sweet and banana pancakes and peanut butter came to mind :) Well I didn't get to the pancakes part but I did get to the peanut butter part and when I saw how easy it was to make I knew I had to make my own it doesn't get CLEANER than that :) 
All you need is a bag of peanuts :) I did Honey Roasted because they are my hmm maybe not so clean haha but good :)
 Just throw the whole bag into your food processor and put it on high for about 5 minutes.  It will make a very loud and annoying noise I warn you but that's just how its supposed to be :)
This will be the first part to them after about a minute or two.
Then it will get into a little ball and be very thick...just keep processing :)

Then it will get smooth....but I have to say I like mine VERY smooth and creamy so I kept processing!!
When it got to be a shiny smooth that's when it was perfect for me and the family :)
 Then just put it in a jar and stick it in the fridge (let it cool off a bit) and you got your self some homemade Peanut Butter!! 
I don't know how long it will stay for sure since this is my first time ever making it but what I read I would probley use it in about 2 weeks and that wont be hard since its soooo good!!

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