Friday, July 26, 2013

Disney Countdowns for the Kids ♥

We are planning another trip to Disney and I'm starting to get all the little activities together that we do before hand. The first thing of course is the countdowns. Last time I just made one for the whole family but since the kids are a smidgen bigger this time I made them their own :) 
First the girls countdown. I did Rapunzel since Serenity loves her hair haha. I liked the colors too. I got the Idea from 
I knew it was perfect when I saw it. I did a few things different but for the main part same thing :)  
I got the idea for Trus Countdown from . 
I made his Mickey Mouse Themed :) whats more Disney than that? The kids loved their countdowns :) Now I'm working on one for the grownups yeah I'm a kid at heart what can I say!?!?

Here's The girls countdown for Disney. I just used two pieces of craft foam sheets. I did Purple in the back and it was the 8.5x5.5 inch piece they were already cut that size than I got a regular size glitter pink foam sheet and cut it to 8.5x5.5 and hot glued them together. Than I got the little Rapunzel sticker pack and put them on the Pink side. I than cut out hearts and flower shapes from my Cricut and than just put glittery number stickers on them. I painted two clothes pins with Pink and Purple Glitter paint to use to clip the numbers. Last I just added more glitter letter stickers to say Days til Disney. Very simple ♥
Here is Trus Countdown. I got two large pieces of Craft Foam sheets and cut them in half length wise and took one half of each color and the Hot glued them together.(You could just use one whole sheet cut in half and glue together but since I wanted Red and Black I needed two sheets) I than got a Disney Vacation Sticker and a Mickey Mouse sticker pack and put one on top and one on bottom.I then cut stars out using my Cricut and taped them on the foam. Than I printed the numbers out of just regular white paper cut them out with my little Mickey Mouse cutter and posted them on the stars with the 3-D sticky dots. As each day goes by he can just take off the number and leave the stars there so it doesn't look so blah ;) 

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