Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

We had a great Super bowl Sunday. We did just a small little get together with our neighbors and had a great time. It's too bad the Broncos lost and didn't really do much at all :(  The kids had fun playing on the Wii and coloring ....they weren't much into this whole super bowl thing which actually surprised me a bit since they really like watching the games with daddy....maybe because it was not the Cowboys so they weren't into it. 

 At the last minute I saw some snackadiums on pinterest and thought sure why not Ill do one but just a simple one. It wasn't much but I'm glad I did it because this is what I placed in the living room and it made a nice center piece. I did one a few years ago for Sele's Birthday party which was way more work than this one but like I said I wasn't actually planning to do one :)Very Last minute idea but came in handy!
 I made a pizza dip for the center just doubled my recipe. Then I put chips on all the sides and 4 more little dips on the corners. I put some of the queso on one corner,salsa on one corner, french onion dip on one corner, then Sele made some awesome Guaco and we put that in the last corner. I used almost 4 12 packs of soda for the outside. I had a few leftover so we just kept them in the kitchen. :)
Our neighbor Jenn brought over these amazing Buffalo wing sliders. These were soooo good.
Of course I had to make the Buffalo wing dip. This is a super easy dip but a must have at sports events. I just use a pack of softened cream cheese and spread on the bottom of a pie plate. I then get my cooked chicken and shred it which I do in my Kitchen Aid Mixer which makes it sooo easy. I throw that on top of the cream cheese pour some Blue Cheese dressing over the chicken ( you can also use Ranch dressing instead of Blue Cheese) Pour hot sauce or wing sauce on top of that and just top with shredded cheese. I bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. Always such a big hit. 
The queso! I used a whole block of Velveeta cheese chopped it into small pieces and put a can and a half of Rotel Tomatoes in and microwaved it. I always start at a minute and a half than stir then go down to just a minute and stir and continue till its all melted. When it was all melted I moved it to my crock pot. I also put some in the corner of my snackadium :)
My chili.
I used that recipe but of course made a few changes. I always cook it the night before. It makes it taste sooo much better. 
I did my crock pot hot dogs. Yummy!!! As you see I'm still supporting my Cowboys!! We will make it to the Super bowl soon!!
Our Dessert Table!
My cupcake cake :) I made two dozen Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes. Super Yummy!!!
Football Brownies. I made a batch of brownies and cut them out and then just did the little decoration on them.
I used that recipe but doubled it!
I bought a cake on Saturday because I didn't actually know if I was going to have time to make any dessert. I had a super busy weekend. In the end I did make two desserts but can you ever go wrong with more dessert???

I also made cornbread which for some reason I did not get a picture of it and we ordered wings from Wing Stop!! My love always needs his wings. It was a great night with family and friends. 

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