Wednesday, January 22, 2014

30 day WalMart Challenge

I'm in for another challenge...a challenge I created for myself. I'm having so much fun with my other challenges :) I figured out I spend way too much money when I go to Walmart and I go way too often. I mean you go in for one thing and you see all this other stuff that you just "need" and you get it. I don't know how people go in just for one thing and come out with just one thing go them!! That's not me though :( I decided when I was in line the last time which was Friday Jan 17th I need to not come here for a while and I bet I would save money :) That's how my 30 Walmart Challenge came to be.  So there it is we will see if I can stick with this challenge as well. As of today I'm on my 5th day without Walmart. I'm very proud of myself ;) I know this is not something that I had to post but I figured it would make me stick with it more since I'm posting it and more people will know about it ;) 

I did it!!!! I actually did it more than just 30 days!! Im sooo proud of myself hehe. I did notice I made a few more trips to Target blahh but I think we saved some money and I sure saved time! Febuary 27th is when I broke my challenge and I went! It was crazy its like just in the time I was gone they got soooo much new stuff. I'm going to not go again for about a month just because I know I can do it now. We will see. I'm just so happy I stuck with one of my challenges.

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