Thursday, March 19, 2015

St.Patricks Day 2015

St.Patricks day is my Dads favorite holiday so I try to do something nice for the day! I did leprechaun bait the night before with the kids...we didn't get a chance to build a trap this year :(  We also read the Night Before St.Patricks Day! I love this set of books the Night Before!! Here is what we had for St.Patricks Day!

Corned Beef and Cabbage of course!! My dad actually doesn't like this at all haha but its tradition that I make it and everyone else eats a bit of it. My mom is the one who really likes it!
Here was the Table!
I also make Shepherds Pie this is for my dad but honestly everyone except my mom likes this better but I gotta stick to tradition so I make both. 
These cupcakes have lucky charm marshmallows in the middle super cute!!!
I made some plates to give out to my neighbors!!
The leprechaun left the kids treasure and they left some clues for them to do a scavenger hunt!! The kids found their treasure in the fridge :) They had a fun time doing this!! 
Our 2nd cupcake. These are rainbow cupcakes then my butter cream frosting tinted Green then added a rainbow candy and a Rolo :) These will last a few days more then the ones with the marshmallows in the middle :)

I also made Irish Soda bread for my Dad but forgot to take a picture of it and by the time I thought of it there was only a small piece left!! 

My dad enjoyed the day and the kids had lots of fun!! 

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