Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cupcake Train

A few weekends ago we celebrated a special little angels 6th Birthday. He is in Heaven with our babygirl and I know they are such good friends. Every year for his birthday his family throws a big birthday party just like us. I love that they do! I love when us parents of the babies we don't have here with us on Earth still celebrate and do things for our babies. They always do his birthday at a park and its HUGE!! I always like to bring cupcakes!! This year I made a cupcake Train I got this awesome Idea from

I saw it and knew this would be PERFECT for his birthday party. I added some mini cupcakes too because I knew there would be lots of kids and I also like having different flavors for the kids to choose from. The ones on the train itself are all chocolate!! The mini ones are funfetti with my butter cream frosting and more sprinkles :) You can never have enough sprinkles for anything!!!! 

I actually didn't get very good pictures. I forgot to take them so after I set them up I went to talk which I do best and I asked my mom to go get some pictures hehe this is what I got :) Thanks mom!!! 

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