Monday, November 22, 2010

Hair Mask

So for all who dont know I had a GORGEOUS babyboy 8 weeks ago tommorow :) and everyone knows after you have a baby your hair well goes through some stuff so here I am trying to refresh my hair and make it nice and strong again :) I looked up home hair masks to do and I saw one on a lot of different pages banannas,olive oil and mayo so I tryed it since I have used Mayo and Olive Oil in my hair before so I figured why not...well thats not the best choice I made...I did it...I noticed my hair was well tangly after the shower and so I didnt really think much of it then I get out and look in the mirror and well a lot of bananna was still in my hair so I washed it again real good and I still had little bits of bananna and I dont see a change in my hair so my advice to you is DONT use this recipe for a hair mask :) I will keep trying untill I find a good one as my hair deserves it!!!! hehe

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