Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today, I also made some meatballs yes this is a First! I was soo excited I made two kinds. Ok, so not really I wanted a back up plan incase one recipie didnt turn out well. Lucky me they both turned out well. Im making an Italian Dinner for our good friends who are going through some difficult times :( I got both recipies off of My favorite place EVER!!
This is the first batch I made get all the ingredients, mix, then make balls :) Heres the recipie I used for these meatballs and the sauce. I changed a few things with meatballs and the sauce and I used very lean beef for both. I added more seasoning and for the sauce I didnt use whole tomatoes I used Tomatoe Puree. I also doubled the whole recipie. I cooked these as well before I put them in the sauce 400 degrees for about 20 mins I had alot in the oven though two trays of meatballs and a tray of sausage :)
So heres my 2nd batch...these I actually like more :) They have a little kick to them and they are a little different then your traditional meatball!! This one you mix twice as you can see in the pictures. For the most part its the same thing get your ingredients,mix and make your balls!!  Heres the recipie for these I also changed a few things but I do that with all recipies :)
Here it all is including sausages just store bought browned and thrown in here...and I so let it cook longer then it is still cooking now and its been at least 3 hours the more the better!!! I will keep these cooking untill its time to bring the whole dinner over!

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