Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pudgy Cake or Should I say Yummy Cake

Happy Sunday!! Today well I made a few things but the fun one would have to be this Pudgy Cake which I found on Cookies and Cups!! Awesome Blog!! I knew when I saw this I had to make it. I also had some leftover Chocolate Frosting from the Farm Animal Cupcakes so all is well!! Here I go again making the most out of what I have and making sure no Chocolate goes to waste.

Now come on just look at the 3 layers and how could you not want it NOW!!! Chocolate Brownies,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,and Funfetti cake!! YUM!!!
First you get your Brownie Layer.....
Then you pile the cookie dough you made on top of the brownie and spread it to look like this:
Then put your last layer the FUNfetti Cake :)
Icing it with whatever kind of icing you would like I used a Chocolate Frosting (the leftover one) and I loved her idea to put cookies around the cake and on top so thats what I did!! Here is the finished Product!!

Pudgy Cake

Get full details here its soo simple....Family Size Brownies baked in a round cake pan,Funfetti Cake use one layer now and save one for later and make cookie dough eggless of course and frost the cake!!

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