Friday, February 10, 2012

Hershey Bar Love Note


So I actually used this idea for our Thanksgiving Place I saw it on a blog....I have been looking all over for that blog so I could give them credit and I cannot find it anywhere :( So I did get my Idea off of a blog during Thanksgiving and if anyone knows that blog please let me know so I can give them credit :) Anyways I made a love note out of a BIGGG Hershey Bar. Here's what I learned out of my little adventure last night....stick to white powdered sugar it will still look cute and save you a lot of time.

You need a Giant Hershey Bar,Powdered Sugar,Sprinkles, and some more chocolate you can melt ( I used just a few chocolate chips which I forgot to put here for the picture)

You get your Hershey Bar and Turn it to the Back and take a toothpick and carve out whatever you want it to say :) Then you take your powdered sugar which I tryed to color Pink ( I tryed in the bowl, the bag and even the blender and the blender worked the best but by did it make a nice big mess and still it was like half Pink half White hehe I say just stick to white with all the pretty sprinkles it will still pop.) and spread it over the words or pictures you carved out and it will go into the little carvings....take a paper towel and wet it just a tiny bit and go over the whole Hershey Bar so you get all the Powdered Sugar off of everywhere it shouldn't be. Melt your extra chocolate and use that to make your sprinkles stick wherever you want to use them. I used the toothpick again here to put my chocolate on the big sprinkles and a knife to put the chocolate on top and bottom of the bar :) Now you have a Giant Love Note!!

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