Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lucky Charms Kind o' Morning

 St Patricks Day Breakfast!

Yep, I realize this is late as with most of my posts...but hey its ok I will get better I'm just trying to get it on my blog for now ;) So this St.Patricks Day thanks to my new best friend Pinterest....I made a few different things! Here's what we had for breakfast. The above picture is Daddy's Plate. We had Lucky Charm Pancakes which were awesome and everyone loved them. Very holiday-ish!! Then on the side we had Green Milk and more you saw right Lucky Charms.

Jessica Walker of is actually the one who made the recipe but I just found it on Pinterest and it led me to Betty Crocker!! These were even fun to make ask my daughter :)

What a super cute idea! Simple but looks great and she even has free printables for what I put on the bottles at her site!! Love it!!

I also made Irish Soda Bread the night before for my dad but by the time I got up it was already cut hehe so no pic but here's the link to the recipe. The only thing I did different was add raisins!! I also didn't use much of the topping at all and it was good!!!

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