Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

This is my last St.Patricks Day post for now :) I actually made these for a party that was on St.Patricks Day but it was for a close friend of mine. It was her sons Birthday Party. He passed away 2 years ago when he was 11 months old. We became friends when we met 2 Easters ago at the cemetery. Adorable baby boy. His name is Andy!! I made this because a rainbow for an angel baby just seems fitting!! 

I got the idea from here. Another awesome blog!!! I did have to use 2 boxes to get this many cupcakes...I had a lot leftover but i just made all green cupcakes with the leftover to bring to the party we went to at night the actual St.Patricks Day party :) I wouldn't call these hard by any means but they are time consuming!! So watch out my smart butt decided to do these late Friday night when I was soo tired not the best Idea :) I would soo make these again because they make a super cute presentation!!!


  1. You did an awesome job! Thanks for mentioning Hoosier Homemade!
    Bless the little boy and his family!

  2. Oops - forgot to tell you to be sure to link up to Cupcake Tuesday tomorrow! :-)