Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Family Movie Night~Coraline

We started doing our family movie nights in September of last year a few weeks before we went to Disney World. We did Disney Movies. We have continued doing them not every week but whenever we get a chance I hope we can get to a place we do do it every week. :) Wednesday we did our movie night and we watched Coraline. It was a good movie a little twisted but I guess that's OK hehe. Anytime we don't have a theme to go with the movie we have a concession stand. This time for our concession stand we had chili cheese dogs,popcorn,Diy Smores Mix (with mini marshmallows,chocolate chips,and golden graham cereal),twizzlers, and rasinets. The kids always look forward to our family movie nights...its a great tradition to get the whole family together and have a good time!

We always make movie tickets to go with our movie nights. Everyone has to get one to watch the movie and of course Rain is always with us ♥ She always has her ticket too.
Our Concession Stand
Daddy's Messy Chile Cheese Dogs 

The kids enjoying the concession stand snacks ;) 

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