Friday, January 4, 2013

Cute stuff out of the mouth of Serenity and Tru

This post is dedicated to all the cute stuff my kids say :)  Serenity will start us off!

Jan 4th- Serenity was in time out and Tru fell in the play room and she was describing how he fell and got hurt and we were just about to ask her how she could see all of this if she was in time out and she pops out with I saw him with my technical eyes hehe :) Shes a smart one!

Jan 8th-I was playing with my mom saying I need a new mom and Serenity yelled yeah Mommy I need a new Nana this one drinks too much It was cute.

Serenity thinks hoods on jackets are called hoots :) My cutie pie

Jan 20-We told Serenity on her birthday she couldn't have pacifiers anymore because she was too I sent her downstairs and told her go get your brother a pacifier when she came up she had two and before I even asked her why she had two she placed it on our table where we keep the pacifiers in our room and said I'm putting it there till I shrink :)

Jan 24-We were having a little dinner party and out of nowhere Serenity yells when I'm five I'm going to High School!!!

So i know I have been so bad at updating this but a few weeks ago at the zoo Serenity just cracked us up. Of course mommy didn't have the camcorder that day and it seemed like everything that came out of her mouth was just crazy. Here are my top 3 favorite things she said :) 1. When we get by these tiny monkeys and shes like OH MY GOSH nice and loud of course if not it wouldn't be Serenity....then like a second later shes like I have no idea what these are :) A little later as were walking and let me tell you she is having a GREAT time she just pops out with I'm having a horrible time....hmmm really you seem like your having a ton of fun haha. The last thing was we were on the other side of the Kangaroos and daddy was like Serenity come here and look at the Kangaroos so she comes and then she asks again the worker whose in with the Kangaroos what are these and the worker tells her oh these are kangaroos and then like a minute later she yells mommy look reindeer haha I guess all the kangaroo talk didn't get through to her haha. My Serenity and the things that come out of her little mouth. :) Love her

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