Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Cheese Burgers

I love Valentines Day because it is my Rains special day. I have felt bad for over a week now so I'm soo behind on doing Valentines stuff. We decided since its the week of Valentines Day and that we haven't done anything for the holiday yet we will do something Valentineish ;) each day this week. To start off the week we had Heart Cheese Burgers and for dessert we had Strawberry Cream Pie. The burgers were very simple to do but looked sooo cute! I went to Heb and bought the already made patties and just cut them out in heart shaped my ♥ grilled them and put a slice of cheese on them. I also bought big hamburger buns and also cut them out in a heart shape. There you have it heart cheeseburgers that's the kids and Grandpa loved.
This is right before my ♥ put them on the grill!

This is after they were done :)
Side View hehe :)
The whole burger!!

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