Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cookies for Threads of Love

I was reading through my daughters cookbook Green Princess Cookbook :) the last recipe well the picture popped out at me. All you need is Love Cookies. They were soo cute Pink and Blue Heart sugar cookies. My head went straight to babies....then I thought I haven't done an act of Kindness in memory of my baby in a while...which made me think of Thread of Love ;) After my little thought process was over I decided to make these for Threads of Love. I used my normal sugar cookie recipe and just the simple milk and powdered sugar icing recipe. I used the technique from Serenitys cookbook though :) After you make your dough as directed you separate it into separate parts I only did two I just wanted it Pink and Blue work all the food coloring in to each section then combine the dough portions into one ball and then I chilled the dough. When the dough is done chilling cut roll the dough out and cut into cute shapes ( I used Hearts just like in the book ). Cook and cool completely. Then decorate...again I pretty much used the technique in the cookbook ....just spoon the icing on top of each cookie and let them run together to form a swirl or tie dye look ;)

Here's how the cookies looked after I cooked them but before I put icing on them :) Cute by themselves right?!?!
Here they are decorated :) 
The plate I made for Threads of Love I just added some cute marshmallows I just got to fill in the little places! 
The finished product ♥

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