Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Smurfs Movie Night

I was born in Belgium so Smurfs are BIG to me :) We never did anything or even watched the whole Smurfs fully. So I knew we had to make an event out of Smurfs 2 coming out :) So we did. We went to build a bear the day before the movie came out and both the kids made a smurf....Serenity named hers (Smurfette) Kitty. Tru named his (Papa Smurf) Egg yep Egg :) Then we went home and got ready for our Movie night to watch the Smurfs :)

 We just did two fun eats :) For this movie since we had a regular dinner. 

 Smurf Cupcakes :) 
Smurf Punch
Sprite and a drop or two of Blue food coloring then I put a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream in each cup. I topped it with some Spray Cool whip and a Fresh Cherry. We used Blue fun straws just to make a little more fun. 
 Here is my Tired Serenity with her cupcake and Kitty :)
Here is Tru with his cupcake and and his Egg :) 

The next day we went nice and early to see the Smurfs 2. They were giving out lots of fun free stuff. The kids got Smurf posters,coloring pages,and cute Smurf tattoos. They got their little fun packs with a smurf cup and straw and popcorn and a small candy. We had a fun couple of days :)

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