Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year New body???

Hey! Happy 2014!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas season. Its a new year and of course a big thing I have been wanting to do is loose this baby weight...my "baby" is 3 yrs old :) My girls were so easy on my body but my baby boy that's a different story it took me till this last October to finally get the scale to move but that was good because I was starting to think the scale would never move. :( I did so good during the Holidays. The last week for some reason the weight just keep going up and I don't like that and I don't know why?!?! I'm not eating out as much, I'm working out more and I'm drinking more water so wouldn't that be the perfect recipe for loosing weight :(  I think its stress again though blahhhh now its back to normal life no happy holidays hehe. Anyways to hopefully kick start my butt back into gear I joined a dietbet :) and I'm doing the 90 day FREE challenge on https://www.facebook.com/BikiniBodyMommy . It is HARD people and I'm only on my 2nd day but who knows maybe I will finish it and maybe it will help me loose weight I'm hoping. I'm back on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ tracking everything again too. I hope all of this will help me. I would like to say for the past 2 days Ive been doing a drastic eating thing and I don't like it at all. Its making me cranky haha so I think I might need to not be soooo drastic on the food I mean come on I love my food :) I'm going to use this to update you guys how I'm doing with everything and hopefully this will be the year that I can get to my goal weight :) I do have good reasoning behind this all too. I want to be healthy and have more energy and another big reason I want to be in pictures with my family my sweet kids and boyfriend look perfect in all the pictures duhh....because they are and I look like flubber haha :) 

Here's to the new year and hopefully reaching our goals for this year. Happy 2014. 

By the way......another big goal of mine is to post more which I think Ive been saying that for the past few years but again hopefully this will be the year :)

My biggest goal of all is to be a better mother and person in general. I want to do way more with and for my kids and do more family stuff :) 

Thanks for reading ♥

Day 15: This is a day I didn't do the workout and I ate sooo bad :(  Other than that so far I have done all the workouts and ate well... better than I normally do ;) 

I finished my Diet Bet and I made it :) That's a good thing I'm very Happy. I like this Diet Bet thing it puts my butt into gear. I've only done it twice but both times I've made my Goal! Go me :)

Update: Its March 3rd and I have been out of my Bikini Body Mommy challenge for a while now. :( I did about a month which is still very good for me but no where near 90 days. I'm still working out so hopefully I will get to my goal weight soon. I'm 6 pounds away now!!! :)

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