Thursday, February 5, 2015

100th day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Serenity 100th day of kindergarten...I still can't believe she's in school, my little love bug is growing up. Anyways, we did some fun stuff the day before and the day of and here it all is!

The day before I made this for the teacher...I made a mistake and got a little bigger flower pot then I needed because I ended up using around 150 dum dums but it still looks cute and who is really going to sit there and count right?!?! I saw a picture of this on pinterest and knew Serenitys teacher would really like this. I put stickers on the flower pot that said 100 days then I just took some paint and painted it all over the letters and made a thick border. Let that dry and take the stickers off then you have the wording :) I then hot glued a Styrofoam ball to the inside of the pot and then just stuck dum dums all over the Styrofoam. There you have the teachers gift!
The first thing we did when Serenity got home from school on Tuesday was do her school project. She had to glue 100 things to the board 10 rows of 10 and they all had to be the same thing. We decided on these cute Pink Heart Marshmallows. She's just like her mommy she loves Pink and hearts!! She did all the counting and I hot glued them to the board! 
When she was done with her school project we did the fruit loop necklace! She first made 10 piles of 10 she did 2 piles for each color except Orange she did not want Orange on her necklace :) She then decided when she was putting them on she wanted to do the 2 piles of each color together :) I think it turned out really good. My baby did GREAT! 

Those were the 3 things we did the night before her 100th day! She went to bed early because she knew she would have a busy day ahead of her.

For breakfast on the 100th day I made sausage and the mini Eggos...Tru had the same breakfast of course and they both had 2 servings ;) Super simple but the kids got a huge kick out of it!
Here's a picture of my Kindergartner with her breakfast!
This is Miss Serenity on her way out to school! She's wearing her 100th day shirt!! 
For her lunch I made her peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches and just cut out the numbers with cookie cutters! She actually ate this for her snack which turned out good because we came to have lunch with her and brought her Subway!
Serenity also ate this at snack but shared a cookie hehe. All the is is a half of a graham cracker and 2 cookies! My computer was messing up and I couldn't print a bag topper :( She did not care of course...does she ever actually like the outside of it he treats at all probley not  she just wants what's inside :)

I made these cupcakes for her class. I made these the morning of very simple but I wanted to do something. I used a boxed cake mix oh nooo :) A yellow cake mix :) I did make my chocolate frosting to frost them with so it's a semi home made treat :)
I used the lifesaver Gummy sours for the 0s and sour string which I just cut into pieces for the 1!

I just needed 20 cupcakes to bring into school so with my extra Tru and I decided Serenity needed a extra after school treat!
 We sang her Happy 100th day of school and she got another cupcake :) She had a GREAT 100th day of school!!!

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