Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines Desserts

For Valentine's this year we stayed home and pretty much had another Family Valentines dinner :) This one we did grown up food but fun desserts. We had steak and Salmon! The kids and daddy decided to eat outside and they decorated the table for me how sweet!!! As we were eating outside we realized our neighbors had the same idea :) it was pretty funny Valentines night and soo many people eating outside ;)

The first dessert we have here is this amazing Strawberry Mousse Brownie Cake!
 Here is where I got the delicious recipe:
This was the kids favorite dessert of course! I got this awesome idea from:

I used one of my go to no chill sugar cookie recipes for the spoons and I made extra heart cookies! I also put icing on my spoon then the sprinkles instead of baking the sprinkles into my cookies just to give the kids more sugar haha!! For my pudding cups I used the ones we had at the house which were the hot cocoa ones and they came out delicious!!
 This is just my favorite chocolate cake made in heart shaped pans and I trimmed it with chocolates!!
 My loves favorite thing for Valentines is Chocolate covered strawberry's so every year I make him them to enjoy! Sam's has the best strawberry's around Valentines the big juicy stemmed ones!! I just love them!
Here is a picture where you can kind of see the table daddy and the kids decorated for me!! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day too!!

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