Monday, February 2, 2015

100th day of school Shirt

This Wednesday will be my baby cakes 100th day of school!! They are having a little party and they have to do one project for school but I wanted to do a little more. Today we made a shirt tomorrow we will make a necklace and on Wednesday we will have a special little dessert for her!

I got a White tee from Wal-Mart and I printed out on tshirt transfer paper It's my 100th day of school. I ironed that on and then came the fun part.
 I bought two packs of those hearts that have the sticky stuff already on them. Serenity made 10 piles of 10 hearts so she got a 100. When she was done with that she would take the little white paper off the hearts so the sticky stuff would be there I put a drop of glue with my hot glue gun then she told me where she wanted the hearts and we pressed them on.
I think it turned out super cute and she loves it. We won't be able to wash it or anything but it will serve it's purpose on Wednesday and that's what matters.

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