Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Night in Mexico

Last night we had our two neighbors over for dinner. Our theme was Mexico! Here is what we had!!

These beef enchiladas are awesome!! I'm not even a beef enchilada fan and I will NEVER order them at restaurants but these baby's I will EAT!! I found this recipe about a year ago and made them but when everyone was saying how good they were I had to try and man were they right these are the best!
This Chorizo Chicken I never made before but it was one of those recipes I pinned and looked awesome so I figured our dinner party was an excellent time to try it. I only used 4 chicken breasts because mine were big and I didn't use any cheese! This was a very good recipe.
This Ropa Vieja is awesome every time I make it people ask for the recipe. 
I use a 4lb Chuck Roast instead of 2 lbs of Beef Flank Steak and I double the whole recipe. The last hour I take out some of the juice and shred the meat. I then add 3-4 Tbsp of Brown Sugar and stir. Its excellent!
These are my doctored up Pinto Beans.
This corn was also a recipe I tryed for the first time yesterday.OMG I'm so glad I did its amazing!!! The only thing I will do differently next time is double it ;) It is a dip but I served as a side dish :)

It was a chilly day and since we don't get many chilly days here in Texas I had to make something for the occasion so I made this Taco Stew another first! 
This is my boyfriends recipe for Pico De Gallo! I will post one of these days but pretty much my boy just throws it all together and it always tastes PERFECT!
This is also my boyfriends recipe for Guacamole. Again hes really good at what he does he throws it together and you have PERFECTION!
For this Picadillo I had this recipe but I did change a lot to fit our preferences.
I have used a lot of Mexican Dip/Taco Dip/7 Layer dip recipes but no more searching I found this amazing one of course Pioneer Woman's I did add stuff to the sour cream layer  I added 4 oz cream cheese and a packet of taco seasoning other then that I followed the recipe and it was great!!

These cookies I came about a few months back I was actually just in a gas station but they had a stand with some cookies they looked yummy and I love cinnamon so I knew I had to try...OMG were they good. I have been looking for a good recipe and yesterday I found it! By the way these taste soooo good with Hot Chocolate!
The last thing was the Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie! Easy and Delicious. This always comes out just right! I love these!

Last night everything really turned out Delicious. We had a great dinner with great neighbors!

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