Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oil Pulling

This year I want to try to detox my body in the ways that I can....I'm not big on actual detoxes hehe but I will do the little things that are supposed to help a lot. Oil pulling is one of these things. I have been researching oil pulling for a little less than a year now. When I first started looking into it I was like how am I going to keep oil in my mouth for 20 minutes??? Another thing is I know a lot of people are big fans of Coconut oil but I don't like Coconut blahhh. So I would always have a reason I couldn't start. As soon as we got home from our Disney World trip this year I told myself at least just try it. I started with Sesame oil because a lot of people still say that is the best one and since again Im not a fan of Coconut I went with it. I didn't think I could keep it in the 20 minutes the first time either but I did!!! The taste wasn't bad honestly it didn't really have a taste!!! I did the Sesame oil for about 3 weeks! I did 2 tsp of this. After my bottle ran out I then tryed the Coconut Oil because a lot of what I read say that one is the best for your mouth in general. I am still on my bottle of Coconut oil and I do 1 TBSP of this for 20 minutes as well.  I think I will continue to switch them out as I run out unless I start noticing one works better for me. :)

Here are a few of the benefits of Oil Pulling:
*Detoxifies the mouth
*Whitens Teeth
*Helps freshen breath
*Reduces Headaches (one of my good friends actually agrees with this one 100% the days she doesn't pull she gets headaches) 
*Helps with allergies
*Some people have reported it helps with skin issues
*Less Jaw pain 
*Improves Health of your Gums

There are quite a few benefits of this Oil Pulling! If you haven't tryed it I suggest you give it a try even if just a for a week I think you will for sure notice a difference.

Oil pulling first thing in the morning is the best time to do it. 20 minutes is the time to do it some people don't do it that long but it is the recommended time.  Always spit in the Trash Can when your done NEVER in your sink. Rinse your mouth with water some people suggest salt water I just rinse my mouth with warm water! 

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