Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Detox Bath

I know I've said it before but this year I'm really trying to clean my body up in any way that I can. I know my eating isn't great I do try to eat clean a week out of the month and will try to increase that number but in the mean time I'm going to try to clean my body in the ways I'm doing. I started the Detox baths 4 weeks ago. I take one every week. I stay in for 20-25 mins. I did a simple one but what I've read is supposed to be one of the best.You just need two things!

 1 cup of Epson Salt
 1 cup of Baking Soda
Pour both into a Warm bath! They say the hotter the better I do mine warm/hot not too Hot because I don't feel too comfortable when it's too hot. Maybe in time :) I have also read where people say staying in 40 mins it's better for you then just 20. In the 20 minute time you do get your detox in!! 

You need to be careful till you know how your body will react to the bath. People have felt light headed and have headaches after. The best time to do this bath is right before going to bed because you will get your energy sucked out of you for the time being. 

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